Frequent Questions and Answers:
(For the Business Owner)

Why should I list with Plain Business?

Now more than ever, people are looking for quality workmanship and outstanding values and the Amish and Mennonites are known for having both. People are also willing to travel a long way to get what they want, but they do need to know where to go. Plain Business helps them find you! Our goal is to be the most comprehensive Amish and Mennonite business directory. We are the place to look if you want to find Amish and Mennonite businesses.

I already have a website. Why pay for Plain Business?

If you are a small business owner, Plain Business will most likely have more visitors and spend more time with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the next year than you will. If you have a listing with Plain Business plus a website, most likely your listing with Plain Business will be ahead of your website in Search Engines. Your business will also be pulled up more often on searches because you will be listed with many similar businesses. You may want to consider going with our Premium Package and dropping your website. You are able to do many of the same things (list products, show pictures, and host documents) with our premium package as you can with your own website, all without needing to pay someone to do SEO and upkeep.

How does it work?

When you add a listing to Plain Business, your listing goes on our site and therefore goes on the World Wide Web. When people search for Amish and Mennonite businesses in your area or do a search for your business, your listing will pop up. They will not even see our home page unless they keep searching. Our Search Engine Optimization(SEO) on Plain Business will keep you from needing to worry about doing SEO on your own website. If you are like most plain people, you don’t know or care about SEO. Don’t worry, we understand that. You are not the only person who has never met SEO. 🙂 Basically what we are saying is that we are here to help you get found by potential customers. Let us worry about the SEO!

How do I add my Business?

Go to Add Your Business and select the listing package that best fits your needs. When you have selected your package, your page will refresh with the fields for you to fill out.