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A Day in the Life – Part 2

Written by Michelle ~ A Normal Amish Girl

Friday Evening, June 30

Mary and I were invited to a birthday party/volleyball game with some friends. The young people are from this area and also the county south of us. We come from different backgrounds and different churches but are all brothers and sisters in Christ. We were planning to play outside at the hostess’s house but due to the weather, we went to a gym close by. After volleyball we went back to the hostess’s house for snacks and fellowship. I highly enjoy evenings like this!


Saturday, July 1

Today was kind of an off day. One of our barn cats decided to have kittens up by the house. I don’t know why they do this. You would think that the barn would be sufficient but NOOOOOO….it makes much more sense to have them under a bush. Well, anyway she eventually moved them to the north side of the house. We watch them out the windows and they are fun to watch! We attempted to move them into the barn and as soon as we got out there it started pouring down! The sound of rain on a tin roof is deafening in a downpour but is beautiful when it’s gently showering. They promptly removed themselves from the barn and were back in the backyard in a few hours.

We were invited to a couple’s shower for tonight. It was about a mile away so we rode our bikes over. I enjoyed seeing people I haven’t seen in long time.


Sunday, July 2

We did not have church today. Mary and I went on a bike ride later. We met up with two older ladies that are also sisters and single. They live in their own house and invited us to visit sometime. Don’t ever invite us unless you mean it because we just may show up!


Monday, July 3

I’m so tired of fireworks already! Most of the time I seriously don’t mind them but it’s the ones with the ear-splitting, make-your-heart-race booms that I really can’t stand. A lady we know had one explode in her face and it did some serious damage. She has bones broken in her face and I don’t know what all. I don’t think people realize how dangerous these things can be.

Today, we cleaned the house, did laundry and ironing. We picked green beans and cleaned them. Mom will can them tomorrow.

Mary cut some dresses out. I’m actually getting a new dress but not because I need it. I’m using some fabric that I bought in Honduras a few years ago.


Tuesday, July 4

This is my day to clean houses so my morning was spent earning a living! I got home around 12:30. After lunch my married sister and her family all came up and had a bit of a pool party! My brother-in-law and I went out to our back field and cleaned out a fence row. It definitely looked better once it was done. We ended up cleaning out the fence rows in our 4 acre field, too. They can get overgrown really quickly!

My favorite office chair!

After coming up from that itchy, hot job, I got in the pool! Oh, how good that feels! I was actually invited to a cousin’s pool but couldn’t make it because of all the other activities I had planned. I sure know how to live up a holiday, huh?

One of our brothers wanted Mary and I to help them butcher

chickens in the evening so out of the pool and on to chicken butchering! I honestly don’t think this is a terrible job and I’m not squeamish. I like the thought of sitting down to supper and knowing that we raised the meat that’s on the table. We have more control over what goes into them and we know where/how they were raised. I don’t recommend it for people who don’t eat meat though…obviously.

One thing that makes this job bearable is the lovely invention called a chicken plucker. It’s a wonderful contraption that plucks all the feathers off for you in a matter of minutes! It can do three chickens at once. I must say that it’s a highly impressive machine. (FYI to all the locals: it’s for rent.) We ate supper there and got home around 8:00.

Wednesday, July 5

Wednesdays are my day to watch the shop (The Spice Shack) and catch up on things in there. We canned the beans from Monday and had 15 quarts. What a blessing it is to go to the cellar in the winter and get up a can of green beans that grew in your garden!

I went out in the one oats field in the evening and pulled a few thistles. We don’t like these things to seed and then blow the seeds all over the farm so we have been going out and pulling what we can by hand. It’s work but it’s one of the most effective ways to get rid of most of them.


Thursday, July 6

I worked at my friend’s shop in Grabill today. (My Heart & Home,LLC) I rode my bike in since it’s only about a 1 1/2 miles away. It’s good exercise! I had a meeting with a sales rep and of course when she came, about five customers walked in after her. It was a bit chaotic but thankfully another employee was there at that time and pitched in to help even though she wasn’t on the clock. Lesson learned: don’t schedule meetings with sales reps when you are the only one running the store.

I think I have poison ivy again! There’s a little spot on my hand but I am NOT going to itch! I never got poison ivy when I was younger but for some reason it has taking a liking to me these last few years. I put a band-aid over it so I don’t spread it. I used a bit of Chickweed salve which helps the itch. (I also was told that bleach dries it up too. Has anyone ever tried this?)

One of the kittens from behind the house is missing! Not sure where it is??? Maybe he will turn up.


Friday, July 7

We canned 27 quarts of pickled beets! We did extra because a few older ladies that know just love them and buy some every year. They told

Getting ready to peel the beets.

us that they even drink the juice when the beets are gone! I like to cook eggs, peel them and put them in the juice to make pickled eggs. These are really good on salads. Pickled beets are usually served at Amish church lunches. I don’t know where this tradition started.

The finished product!

While we were cleaning the beets to get them ready to can, one of my cousins stopped by to visit. I like it when people randomly stop in!

For supper, we decided to take the horse and buggy to the next town east of us and eat at the new Mexican restaurant there. It was really good! The chips looked almost like they were homemade and the guacamole was perfect. I have a bit of a weakness for guacamole. There is no cure for it.  When we came home, Mary started a fire in the fire pit and we sat around that for a while.


Saturday, July 8

Dad was wanting to change a fence post so I thought that today was the day. I planned on “helping” him (I use that term loosely.) but he ended up not needing my “help”. Who’d a thunk it!?!?!  Seriously, I think he knew I wanted to redo the shop so he told me he could get it himself.

Mary and I carried my grandma’s old table down from storage and I’m using it as a display in the shop until someone claims it. It took me all day to rearrange and carry out the old shelves and do the table. Mary helped part of the time but she always has her own things to do too. While the shop was all torn up, a customer came. YAY for customers but not for the mess. Thankfully, he’s a regular so he knows us good enough to not let a little mess scare him.

It was a gorgeous, bright night and would have been perfect for a fire, but we had to get up early so I didn’t stay up too late.


Sunday, July 9

We all went to church in Adams County today. There are four young people taking instruction classes in preparation for baptism. We believe in a believer’s baptism, which was first taught by John the Baptist in Matthew 3:1-6. Once a believer, Jesus commands that you have a water baptism. (Matthew 3:13-15) Although in some cases this baptism isn’t completed before a saved person dies but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t saved. (Read about the thief on the cross beside Jesus. Luke 23:41-43) The thief didn’t reject baptism but wasn’t in a position to have it done. Nonetheless, he was saved because of his belief. The book titled 1000 Questions & Answers by Daniel Kauffman says that the purpose of water baptism is “an act of obedience looking to the fulfillment of all righteousness (Matthew 3:13-15), the answer of good conscience toward God (I Peter 3:21), a sign that our sins have been remitted (Acts 2:38, 22:16), and an invitation into the visible body of believers on earth (Matthew 28:19,20; Acts 2:41).”


Mom’s Pickled Beets – Makes 6 quarts

2 cups vinegar

2 cups beet juice (saved after you cook the beets)

3 tablespoons The Spice Shack Sea Salt

5 cups sugar

2 tablespoons The Spice Shack Pickling Spice

Wash the beets well. We put ours in a big metal boiler and cover halfway with water; cook them until they are soft but not completely soft. (Check them with a fork or something.) Save some of this juice for the 2 cups of beet juice needed to put in jars. Mix beet juice, vinegar, salt, sugar and pickling spice; let this mixture sit while you peel the beets so the everything dissolves. Fill your jars with beets and divide up juice between all the jars. In a hot water bath, cook jars 40 minutes AFTER the water comes to a boil.




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