Tag: Amish in Lititz

Enter ‘Amish‘ into your search bar and you’ll encounter a plethora of ideas and speculations, but who really are these people?

The Amish are one of many splits branching from Anabaptists and are similar to Mennonites in belief, but have chosen different forms of application.   A primary difference between Amish and Mennonite is their choice of transportation.

While there are countless variations of Amish, they have all chosen to drive horse and buggy as their means of transportation.  Their dress is also unconventional as the women ware their hair up and keep their skirts a modest length.  You’ll find the men sporting straw hats and long black pants.

Unless you’ve been raised in or around this sub culture, it can be difficult to distinguish between the many different sects.  Regardless, they’re an honest, hard working and genuine people who are committed to strong community and living simply.  They are also open to “English” friends, so the next time you’re in Amish country, be sure to say hello and make a new friend.