Who are the Amish and Mennonites?

The Anabaptist (Amish) people are a subculture that live predominantly in America and Canada but may be found in different parts of the world. Originally from countries in Europe like Germany and Switzerland, they moved to America for the freedom to worship God without persecution. They were given the name Anabaptist because they believed baptism should be at the request of an individual rather than at childbirth. This led them to re-baptize people that had been baptized at birth. Over the years, the Anabaptist people have divided and become known by different names. Amish, Mennonite, Old Colony Mennonite, Conservative Mennonite, Evangelical Mennonite, Beachy Amish-Mennonite, Charity, Hutterite, and Brethren are all sub-groups of Anabaptist. We are using the terms Amish and Mennonite since they are widely known. Within this directory you will find many different stripes of Anabaptist.

While Amish and Mennonites are mostly found throughout America and Canada, they can also be found in Mexico, Belize, El-Salvador, Paraguay, and Australia. Over the years, the world has become quite enamored with horse and buggy Amish in America.The Amish and Mennonites are known for their faith, character, values, and traditions. They have always taken pride in their work whether it is a barn raising or working in the fields. With the price of land increasing, more and more of the Plain people have moved into the business realm. The same character, values and traditions impact their every day life in the business realm just as it does their home life.

The Plain (Amish) people are gifted in working with their hands. plainbusiness-amish-mennonite-construction-work-carpenter-toolsTheir gifts combined with their values make for great products! Plain products usually surpass the average standards of workmanship. Amish and Mennonite businessmen have often learned their skills as an apprentice to their father. They often do the sales along with the manufacturing of their own product. They love to please their customers and their strong work ethic will keep them working until the job is done right.

This directory is geared toward those businesses that have been influenced by the integrity and work ethic of the Anabaptist heritage. While most of our listings are from the Plain people we are not exclusive to them. We also list businesses that have Amish/Mennonite products. Also, we are not able to check all of our listings to confirm they are Plain people. With that said, almost all of our businesses are owned by Plain people. Plain Business is all about connecting you with Amish and Mennonite businesses around the world. A lot of people are looking for plain people near them, but don’t know where to find them. Much like this lady in Maryland. Maryland lady finds Amish builder.

We want to connect you with the quality and values that you deserve. Most likely there are Plain (Amish) businesses closer to you than you realize, and if not, you can check out the ones with websites and order from them. Find out for yourself why “Amish made” has such a great reputation!