The Amish are a group of Christians perhaps best known for their simple living and reluctance to adopt most modern conveniences. Despite the fact that the Amish have been around since the 1690s, the Amish lifestyle is still one that most people don’t understand. One thing that many people are surprised to learn is that you don’t need modern conveniences in order to operate a successful business – in fact, operating a small business is how most Amish families earn money to buy what they can’t provide for themselves. is an online directory featuring information on Amish owned businesses in Canada and the United States. If you’re wondering about what part of living Amish allows Amish owned businesses to succeed, you need only examine the basic but deeply held principles that make the Amish lifestyle what it is.

The Amish lifestyle is one of integrity, honesty, and wholesome family values. Amish owned businesses are smallAmish Man farming with his horses business enterprises in the truest sense of the words, and many are run by families where each member has a specific role in the business. Amish families work together for the success of the business and, as a result, for the success of the Amish community as a whole. Because of the nature of their faith which prohibits most modern conveniences – like power line electricity – anyone living Amish is adept at a number of “old world” skills like carpentry, agriculture, craftsmanship, needlework, and more. As you might imagine, the ability to create high quality goods that can last a lifetime is a skill that comes in handy for the Amish. Where every chore can take significantly longer without the use of modern technology, it’s in the best interest of the craftsman to do the job right the first time by working carefully and with a close attention to detail.

Many of the most talented craftsmen and builders in Amish communities have been practicing and perfecting their craft since childhood, with formal and informal apprenticeships a common practice in the Amish lifestyle.

Some of the largest communities of people living Amish exist in the United States in the areas of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, Holmes County in Ohio, and portions of Indiana. All of these areas are home to thriving Amish communities that you can visit and with stores where you can shop. You don’t have to be a member of the Amish community to buy Amish, and supporting Amish owned business in the United States is supporting American and locally owned small business. When you shop from people living Amish, you shop from people who believe in strong families and the value of hard work – and isn’t that just the kind of small business that you want to support?

Perhaps one of the most widespread misconceptions about people who live the Amish lifestyle is that they are exempt from paying taxes. This is not true and the Amish do contribute their fair share to Uncle Sam, so buying from Amish owned businesses is also good for the U.S. economy as a whole.

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